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Through using Herbalife, regular Vibrocise sessions and help, advice and regular weigh in's our clients have seen dramatic differences in their fitness and weight. Here are some of their stories:


Michelle started with Kara's nutrition guidance and lost 2 stone in 12 weeks. She then continued to lose another 3 stone by maintaining healthy lifestyle changes, using Herbalife's products and joining Kara's exercise classes.  Michelle is now helping other people lose weight & running 10k competitions!

Michelle lost 5 stone, 14% body fat, reduced her BMI by 11.5 and went down 4 dress sizes!


"My body shape changed massively within 6 weeks & I have lots more energy, my tummy is flatter and the best thing about it is that it only takes 20 minutes!"

I’ve dropped 1 dress size, 12lbs & 5 % body fat since starting Vibrocise & Herbalife 10 weeks ago.


"I have been coming to Vibro for about 18 months. Aside from it being a friendly, comfortable environment the classes are fun and without a doubt help with toning, weight loss and general well being, far better than any gym! Herbalife is so easy and convenient and has given me more energy."


 "I can't do impact exercise anymore but this has really benefitted my knees & they don't stiffen up like they used to. It gives you motivation and it’s so quick and easier than the gym so I am able to keep it up regularly. I am more toned especially around tummy.


The weekly weigh in helps keep you on track with what your eating"

I lost half a stone in the first 3 weeks of Vibrocise, along with Herbalife shakes


"As soon as the first couple of stone started coming off I was able to do so much more with the grandkids, which is the most important thing to me. I used to say big is beautiful, now I realise it was just a cover up to make myself feel better"

Angel lost 7 stone using Herbalife's weight loss plan alongside Kara's coaching and exercise classes over 2 years.


"After 2 years Vibrocise still continues to be part of my daily routine. I love how convenient it is & I can fit it in first thing in the morning where as I wouldn't be able to fit anything else in with my busy lifestyle. It's improved my life physically and mentally along with using the Herbalife products. The most wonderful thing is how it’s been tailored to me and I've been able to build up slowly with regular programme updates to address my more stubborn areas and get great results. Everyone's noticed how defined my legs and bum now are. Kara is friendly and awesome which really helps".


I have lost 2 stone and 10% body fat.


Mike has lost 3 stone since starting Kara's exercise classes and has improved his nutrition with Kara's coaching and Herbalife products. He is 65 years old and suffers with Lung disease and heart disease.  Mike is on two litres of oxygen a day and has to take his oxygen everywhere with him. He never had the energy to do much before he lost weight and suffered with depression.  Now he is getting out for regular walks and even walked the Bristol 10k with Kara and his family.  He says he is finally able to control his breathing and enjoy life. He has tried many things to lose weight over the years but this is the only thing that has worked for him.


“I feel great now, I’m doing things I was never able to and would recommend Kara's classes to anyone"


Simon finally decided he needed to do something about his weight when he'd got to 35 stone & it was becoming increasingly difficult to get around. With Kara's coaching & Herbalife's nutrition products he lost 9 stone over a year! 


"With Kara's guidance & Herbalife's fantastic products, I've achieved weight loss I could only dream of. I've changed my whole outlook towards food and nutrition.  My health has dramatically improved and my confidence soared, my old wardrobe have been converted into marquees!  I cannot thank Kara and Herbalife enough.   


 “Before starting Vibrocise 6 months ago I couldn’t crouch down without my knees hurting, now I can crouch down no problem and hold the full squat position easily. Herbalife has given me a boost of energy, it’s the easiest & most convenient way I’ve ever lost weight. Within weeks of starting both I noticed a change to my body shape, I am much more toned now.

The best bit about Vibrocise is VibroCircuits, it’s very intense but only 30 minutes and very effective."

I've lost 2 stone, 2 dress sizes and 7% body fat.

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